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Bahraini’s likely to get more cash handouts from May 2018

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A new social welfare system could be launched in Bahrain this May 2018. The new system would see Bahraini families who qualify receiving payments directly into their bank accounts. As to who will qualify and how much financial support the beneficiaries will receive is still subject to negotiations between the National Assembly and the government. Calls to exclude Bahrainis with dual nationalities and those who have received the Bahraini nationality less than five years ago have been put on hold for future consideration.

The National Assembly wants Bahraini families who qualify to receive 50-150% of the salary of their main breadwinner every month. This calculation, which is based on a family of four, has yet to receive the nod from the government. How much Bahrainis have to earn to qualify for payments have yet to be disclosed. Mr. Jamal Fakhro, Head of the National Assembly sub-committee charged with reviewing benefit proposals said “It doesn’t imply that those earning BD3,000 a month, for example, are included in general welfare—even if they are eligible for partial aid or allowances”.


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