Bahrainisation: 300 expats to lose their jobs

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Around 300 jobs at various ministries and government entities currently enjoyed by expatriates will be handed over to Bahrainis, officials say.

Which means, authorities will not renew the contracts of expatriates in such positions lined up for Bahrainis, once the contract expires.

According to a Civil Service Bureau official, the transition will be made soon as Bahranisation drive intensifies.

Recent statistics say there are now 7206 foreign employees in the Kingdom, a decrease compared to 7582 employees present earlier.

The move also follows a parliamentary proposal made to establish a one-year moratorium on hiring foreigners in the public sector.

The proposal by MP Adel Al-Asoumi calls for a renewable one-year ban on hiring expatriates to government jobs.

He said the move aims at empowering Bahrainis and increasing the number of Bahraini employees in the public sector.

Earlier this year, members of parliament approved an urgent proposal that could result in complete Bahrainisation of government occupations within four years.

In his reply to the proposal, presented during parliament’s weekly session in March, Parliament and Shura Council Affairs Minister Ghanim Buainain stated that 85 percent of public sector jobs are already occupied by Bahrainis.


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