Bahrainisation: A Creeping Success In Private Sector

According to lawmakers, the existing initiatives to reduce unemployment among Bahrainis is not enough.
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As less as 1,296 Bahrainis were employed by the private sector during the last year, which is an increase of meagre 0.8% when compared to 2016, according to the data revealed by the General Authority for Social Insurance.

The data reveals that Bahrainisation has not been a great success in the Kingdom’s private sector against what authorities have been acclaiming.

Speaking to Tribune, economic analyst Arif Khalifa said the numbers show that the authorities have failed to stimulate the economy and generate enough jobs for Bahrainis, especially for the youth in the Kingdom.

“I think the Kingdom has achieved about 95% Bahrainisation in the banking sector. But what is the point if this success is not emulated in other segments?” He said hospitality sector is one segment, which could employ a large number of Bahrainis. “But that is not really happening. Foreigners in droves are hired in the sector, be it restaurants or other hospitality sectors.” The economic analyst also highlighted the failure from the part of Labour and Social Development Ministry to create enough jobs for the citizens. “These job fairs are not really yielding results.

A recent job fair was attended by around 5,000 unemployed youth while the jobs offered there were only 1,000.” Mr Khalifa also said that there is a link between unemployment and inflation rate which stands at 2.2%.

According to statistics, expatriates hold 73% of graduate jobs in the labour market. The total number of foreign employees having university degrees in the private sector is 52,414, compared to 20,354 Bahraini university graduates in the private sector.

The national labour force increased by 0.8% last year, to reach up to 158,415, compared to 2016, when it was 157,119 Bahraini workers, despite the increase in the number of retirees.

Labour and Social Development Minister and Chairman of the Board of Labour Market Regulatory Authority Jameel Humaidan had earlier announced that the national employment in the private sector has reached 158,400, highlighting the remarkable improvement in the recruitment of Bahrainis in the private sector.

The number of jobseekers in 2017, stabilised at 8,252, which is 4.1% of the labour force, according to ministry data.


Source Credit: DT news



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