Bahrain’s Passport Ranked 4th Among Arab Countries

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Bahrain’s passport ranks fourth in the Arab world and 63rd globally in terms of the number of countries that can be entered without a visa or obtained on arrival, according to the Henley World Index 2019.

Henley Passport Index is based on data provided by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and covers around 200 passports and 227 destinations worldwide.

Based on this classification, which is reviewed throughout the year, Bahrainis can easily enter 81 countries around the world.

The UAE passport was ranked first in the Arab world and 15 globally, with access to 172 countries, followed by the Kuwaiti as the second in the Arab world and 56 globally, where it allows holders to enter 93 countries, followed by the Qatari passport ranked 57 globally, with access to 92 countries, then the  Bahraini passport.

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The Omani passport came in fifth place in the Arab world and the 64th in the world, with the entry of 79 countries, followed by the Saudi passport ranked 69 globally and 74 countries without a visa.

Referring to this year’s Henley index, Japan and Singapore came in first place with access to 190 countries, while South Korea, Germany and Finland were also in second place with access to 188 countries.

Denmark, Italy and Luxembourg came third with access to 187 countries.

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Afghanistan ranked 107 as the last with access to 25 countries preceded by Iraq in 106th place, Syria 105th and Somalia 104th.


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