Bahrain: Royal Team Arrives in Nepal to Lead Mountaineering Expedition

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A mountaineering team featuring members of Bahrain’s elite Royal Guard servicemen arrived in Nepal yesterday, expedition organisers said.
The 18-member party were given permission to climb the 8,163-metre Mount Manaslu and the 6,119-metre Mont Lobuche.

Mingma Sherpa, of Seven Summit Treks, was quoted as saying that the team, which includes three Britons, would quarantine in a Kathmandu hotel for a week before flying via helicopter to the climbing base camp.
More than 50 Sherpas will take part in the expedition, he added.

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The Bahrain Royal Guard team is also planning to climb Mount Everest next year.

The only other team with a permit for the autumn season is an all-Nepali expedition planning to summit 7129-metre Mount Baruntse.

Nepal re-opened its mountains, including Everest, in late July ahead of the autumn climbing season and in anticipation of international flights resuming in mid-August.


But a jump in virus infections in recent weeks saw the government delay allowing flights. Limited international flights resumed this month, but only for citizens and foreign diplomats.

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Nepal is home to eight of the world’s 14 highest peaks, and foreign climbing expeditions are a major source of local revenue.



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