Bahrain’s Two-Month Outdoor Midday Work Ban To Begin Today

Bahrain’s two-month midday ban on outdoor work during the afternoon will begin today, July 1.

According to the Resolution (3) of 2013, the ban on work under direct sunlight and in open places will run from noon, 12 pm until 4 pm, during July and August.

Jameel bin Mohammed Ali Humaidan, the Minister of Labour, called on employers to maintain their commitment to implementing the decision to ensure the safety and health of workers and to take all regulatory measures, including rescheduling working hours in a way that does not affect the progress of work.

He emphasised the importance of applying occupational safety requirements to ensure safe working conditions during the summer months, adding that the ministry’s inspection teams will begin visits to work sites to investigate the implementation of the ban.

Humaidan said that the ministry has completed all preparations to supervise the implementation of the ban, by launching an awareness campaign providing employers and workers with leaflets and brochures in multiple languages that outline the health risks of heat exposure.


Bahrain News Agency

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