Bangladesh: Shirtless man breaks into a fight with co-passenger

Cases involving unruly passengers misbehaving on flights have become quite frequent these days. After severe online uproar regarding the IndiGo airhostess-passenger spat, mid-air slap match on a Bangkok-Kolkata flight and the disgusting Air India episode, another video of a fight inside an airplane has surfaced on Twitter.

Shared by Bitanko Biswas, the video was shot inside a flight operated by Biman Bangladesh. In the clip, a shirtless man can be seen fighting with a fellow passenger quite violently. As the video goes on, other people present at the situation try to stop the man from hitting the passenger by pulling him away, but in vain.

“Another ‘Unruly Passenger’. This time on a Biman Bangladesh Boeing 777 flight!” reads the caption.

The clip has been viewed over 112k times and garnered tons of reactions. The crass behaviour of the passenger left the internet in dismay. While some pointed out how such people should be banned from flying permanently, others wrote about how such cases of rowdy passengers misbehaving on a flight have been increasing alarmingly.

Many even demanded a proper check of all passengers before boarding a flight.

Regarding the recent urinating incident onboard Air India’s New York to Delhi flight, the Chairman of Tata Group, N Chandrasekaran commented that it was, “a matter of personal anguish to me and my colleagues at Air India.”

“Air India’s response should have been much swifter. We fell short of addressing this situation the way it should have been,” Chandrasekaran said in a statement.



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