Bank surety gone: new exodus of domestics to Kuwait likely

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Officials expect a renewed exodus of housemaids to Kuwait from the country — primarily from Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh — with the Centre on Tuesday scrapping a $2,500 bank guarantee it had made mandatory for employers in the Gulf country to pay for recruitment of Indian domestic workers.

The Centre imposed the rule in 2014 for all Gulf nations to protect domestic workers from the country against exploitation or non-payment of wages. Under the rule, Indian embassies in those countries would receive the guarantee before it endorsed the worker’s recruitment.

Kuwait was the only Gulf country to refuse to comply with the condition and New Delhi, in November that year, asked that nation to stop issuing visas to Indian domestic workers. Indian ambassador to Kuwait Sunil Jain told TOI that he now expects a resumption of the former annual flow of 30,000 Indian housemaids to Kuwait. “Kuwaitis prefer Indian house maids because they have proven to be honest and hardworking,” he said. “[The government’s decision] will provide thousands of Indian housemaids employment opportunities in Kuwait.”

Source Credit: The Times of India
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