Basrah Breeze: Saddam Hussein’s Four-Storey Mega-Yacht

The inside of Saddam Hussein's megayacht - which has now been converted into a scientific research vessel.

Built-in 1980, the 82-metre (270-foot) yacht, nicknamed the ‘Basrah Breeze’, is now used as the Scientific Research Center of the Marine Sciences Institution of Basra University. The yacht includes the dictator’s private quarters, a dining room and a sea view but was never used by Saddam Hussein.

A look inside the yacht shows the dictator’s private quarters, a king-sized bedroom with silk curtains and a bathroom with gold details. It also has a barbershop, dry cleaning and first aid room spread over the four floors.

The deputy director of Basra museum previously said the yacht is a chance for ‘future generations to see how the dictator lived’

Iraqi president Saddam was toppled in 2003 during the US-led invasion of Iraq and hanged three years later for crimes against humanity. Successive governments struggled to find a use for the ship but it has now been converted into a scientific research vessel.  

In 2018, it was put on the market for $ 30 million but the government never found a buyer. 

The Basrah Breeze’s sister ship al-Mansur – also never boarded by Hussein – sunk in the Shatt al-Arab waterway in Basra after it was hit by US planes. 

Visitors to the yacht took photographs of the long dining table, which can seat over 30 guests, in a room with low ceilings and views of the sea
The construction of the yacht, on which Saddam Hussein never set foot, started in 1980 and was completed a year later
A second bedroom has dark blue details on the bedding and curtains – as well as an old-fashioned television


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