‘Beautiful Excuse’ For A Serious Story: Bahraini Film Captures Arab Youth’s Struggle

In a momentous achievement for Bahraini cinema, the short film “A Beautiful Excuse for a Deadly Sin,” directed by Hashim Sharaf, has been honoured with the prestigious Golden Palm award for the Best Short Film in the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) category at the 10th Saudi Film Festival.

The film sheds light on the struggles encountered by young individuals in Arab societies as they strive to realize their aspirations, while facing opposition from conservative societal norms. Hashim Sharaf, in an interview with The Daily Tribune, provided a glimpse into the movie’s storyline and shared his insights.

“The Bahraini short film tells the story of a young man attempting to bring a horse into his narrow apartment building, defying his neighbors and the challenges that arise as a result,” explained Sharaf.

“Although the film is presented as a work of fiction, it is based on actual events that unfolded in the heart of Manama, Bahrain.

It draws from my own personal experience, inspired by a true incident that occurred in my grandfather’s house.” Sharaf further emphasised that the film serves as a voice for the aspirations of Arab youth who confront obstacles in realising their dreams due to societal resistance.

“The film conveys a clear message about the importance of acknowledging people’s concerns and not overlooking seemingly minor issues. Caring for others ultimately benefits the entire community, and silence in the face of their struggles can have far-reaching consequences,” he stated.

Starring Omar Al-Saeedi and Mubarak Khamis, with direction by Sharaf and contributions from the Isa Cultural Center, the production of the film took place over a span of two days in Manama.

With a runtime of 16 minutes, the project involved the participation of over 40 local talents, including aspiring and professional filmmakers, many of whom volunteered their services due to their belief in the film’s idea and message.

Call to action

Explaining the significance of the film’s title, Sharaf revealed, “It serves as a call to action, urging every audience member to reflect upon their own excuses for not pursuing their dreams.”

Reflecting on the challenges faced during the movie’s production, Sharaf highlighted the disparity between the vastness of the world and the limitations imposed by our thoughts and beliefs.

“Consequently, we had to locate an extremely narrow building for filming. Despite budget constraints, we managed to secure a suitable location.

However, accommodating a large crew, along with a horse, within such a confined space during scorching summer conditions for over 16 hours across two days was a daunting task.


“Moreover, controlling the lighting in the building proved challenging, requiring the closure of a section of the street.

The Ministry of Interior and the Traffic Department graciously cooperated, facilitating the installation of external lighting equipment to maintain daylight even after sundown,” he added.

Expressing his gratitude for receiving the Golden Palm Award for Best Short Film, Sharaf humbly acknowledged, “Winning this prestigious accolade brings immense joy.

I am deeply proud to represent Bahrain’s filmmaking community on such a prominent platform.” Lastly, Sharaf extended a heartfelt piece of advice to the citizens of Bahrain, saying, “Bahrain possesses an incredible treasure trove of stories. Share them with the world! Look around you.”


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