BeAware Bahrain Mobile App Converted to ‘Digital Wallet’

The Information and eGovernment Authority (iGA) has released an updated version of the BeAware Bahrain mobile app.

It is part of plans to convert the app into a digital wallet where each individual’s key personal documents will be stored electronically.

The implementation of the project was made possible through continuous development services and providing a high-readiness ICT infrastructure and e-Channels that are beneficial to the citizens and residents.

The all-in-one app will store e-copies of a CPR, passport, birth certificate and driver’s license, along with car ownership documents.

They will be officially recognised ‘everywhere’ as a replacement for paper copies, as well as adding a feature related to health, My Medical Appointments and My Health Cards.

The My Health Cards feature includes details and information related to the Covid-19 vaccination record, as well as several other additional features that individuals use daily and are a priority for them.

iGA Chief Executive Mohamed Ali Al Qaed said that with the continuous support and directives of His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the Crown Prince and Prime Minister, the Authority has implemented the Kingdom’s e-Transformation plans in partnership with the public entities.

“Official bodies are now obligated to accept e-documents.

The documents can be validated through QR codes that come with each copy,” Al Qaed said.

“The application’s new version will also offer reminders of medical appointments at health centres, government hospitals and Covid-19-related doctor’s visits.”

Al Qaed added that in 2022, the iGA continued its efforts to accelerate the pace of digital transformation plans of the government agencies and its e-Services.

They resulted in registering more than 600 eServices.

The app enables business users to complete and follow up transactions with various relevant government agencies through one single, easy and convenient platform, saving their time and effort.

He also stressed that the Authority will launch the BeAware App with a bundle of new features and key services in future.

This comes in line with the directives of the government and it will enhance the user experience of the application, being one of the most prominent national initiatives that reflect eTransformation and the employment of Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques.



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