Beijing Cancels Flights, Shuts Schools as COVID-19 Cases Spike

A man wearing a protective suit uses his phone at Beijing's international airport. Image Credit: AFP
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Chinese media say more than 60% of commercial flights in and out of Beijing have been cancelled as the city raises alert level amid a new coronavirus outbreak.

The website of the Communist Party’s Global Times said that a total of 1,255 flights to and from the capital’s two major airports have been scrapped, according to The Associated Press (AP).

That accounts for 67% of outgoing flights and 68% of incoming flights, the Global Times said.

Beijing has enacted a number of measures to limit travel in and out of the city, especially among those coming from districts where new cases have been detected.

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Beijing had essentially eradicated cases of local transmission but in recent days has added a total of 137 new cases with no new deaths.

Beijing on Wednesday raised its threat level from 3 to 2, leading to the cancellation of classes, suspension of plans for opening up and stiffened requirements for social distancing.


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