Bentley Continental GT: The Epitome of English Luxury

Nicholas Cooksey travels to Dubai to review the latest offering from the British luxury marque.

The Continental GT was originally launched back in 2003, and in 15 years more than 65,000 have been sold worldwide – a fantastic success for this historic British maker of luxury sporting cars which have never sold their cars in such large numbers before.

I picked up the car in Dubai and drove to Jebal al Jais, arguably the best mountain road in the region for driving cars fast. Sadly, gone are the days when you could drive free from fear of speed cameras, which have recently been installed. Still, the roads were good and the scenery was just amazing.

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The car looks rich and proud and powerful, but with beauty.

The W-12 6.0 liter twin-turbocharged engine is smooth and immensely powerful, offering 626bhp and 664lb ft – a noticeable improvement on the previous model. It even has more torque than the current Bentley GT Speed, and uses the same air suspension as the Porsche Panamera, providing a ride and handling that can be either luxury limo or sporting super car, depending on your desire… and road conditions.

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The car’s mighty acceleration, offering zero to 100 kph in around 4 seconds, is always smooth, never savage. Top speed exceeds 300 kph. The Bentley Continental GT, big and packed as it is with luxury, may indeed look heavy – but driving it never feels heavy.

You feel surrounded by English luxury. Everything is
the best.

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