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Beware: Scammer calls as BenefitPay employee in Bahrain

Scammers are out with new tactics to gather sensitive information, as Gulf Insider found out recently. Several Bahrain residents have reported that they have received calls from a woman pretending to be an employee from BenefitPay.

“The female caller spoke like an Arab employee. She presented herself as an employee from the Benefit Company. She sought details of my personal ID to update my BenefitPay details.”

The number of the caller

Fraudsters lure unsuspecting victims over the phone, have them share sensitive details, and dupe them for their money.

The Central Bank of Bahrain has warned people of fraudulent activities using BenefitPay’s name.

Gulf Insider reminds its readers to avoid responding to such calls and messages. If you have encountered any these, inform the authorities immediately.


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