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Beyon Money: Teamwork makes the dream work!

A great team can either make or break a company.

Teamwork at the workplace is essential to maximize the output and yield better productivity out of everyone involved. It is crucial to spark and maintain a continuous flow of motivation, enthusiasm, and encouragement within the team members throughout the process.

Roberto Mancone, CEO of Beyon Money, shared an impressive and inspiring story with us recently that highlighted the power of great teamwork. The team’s management of the incident reflected the leadership quality and strong team spirit at the up and coming company.

The team at Beyon Money has created a range of WhatsApp groups, each relating to a department or service – one of these, is related to handling issues faced within the app.

The Incident

One Friday night at around 11:45 pm, one of the employees noticed that there was a minor malfunction on the app. The team has in place a continuous process of testing of the app, monitoring any potential issues that some clients may face from time to time.

The Response

As soon as the first WhatsApp alert message was sent, everybody jumped in the group chat in a coordinated manner: one member started testing, another one contacted one of the IT Vendors in USA, another one coordinated the messages to be sent to clients to advise of possible temporary issues, and another one coordinated the testing of issues with other Vendors in Turkey, Germany, and Pakistan.

By 12:45 am – within one hour – the issue was solved.

No calls were made within the group to assign tasks… only very well-structured WhatsApp cross-communication between the team.

Roberto was watching the flow of the chat on his phone without interfering or giving inputs – it was not necessary. He watched the team face and solve the entire issue without him needing to tell them what to do. He expressed that as a leader, it brought great satisfaction to witness how the team works together to succeed and please customers without limitations or boundaries.

Each team member was readily available, took on their role, and did their part without delay, knowing that it is necessary for the company and what senior management would have instructed them to do.

The Takeaway

The team was motivated by one another to do their part and fix the problem as soon as possible – one that couldn’t have been achieved in an hour if it wasn’t for their combined efforts.

If a team takes action on a late Friday night (a weekend) without the management’s interference to solve an issue, it is a symbol of great leadership and a strong team foundation. It symbolises the powerful can-do attitude within the company that makes a team great. Roberto took on the challenge of growing the team while ensuring to maintain this spirit, and delivered. He considers human capital as their strength and investment.

This real-life example further emphasises that great leadership and building a solid team foundation results in a team that works together seamlessly to achieve objectives, leading to a successful organisation and fruitful professional relationship.


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