BFF – Is it Best Friends Forever or Best ‘FOOLS’ Forever?

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Type ‘BFF’ in a comment on any Facebook post and find out if your account is hacked. – A post that went so viral past few days that people fell for it to make sure their data is protected.

The hoax is that when you comment ‘BFF’ and it turns green, your account is safe, or else your account is hacked. People were advised to change their passwords as their account may be hacked by someone.

After many people seeing the comment change its color along with an animation, people started believing it to be true.

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The color change has nothing to do with one’s account being compromised. It is just a feature on the social media platform where certain words trigger animations. There are other similar words like BFF which turn out to different colors.  If this doesn’t happen to one’s account, it only relates to browser settings.

The origin of such fake news remains unclear but it spread far and fast as people have completely inaccurate inference about the site’s features.

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