Biggest salary increases for expats found in Switzerland and Saudi Arabia

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Expatriates moving to Switzerland, home to some of the biggest private banks, commodity traders and pharmaceuticals companies, earn an average of more than $193,000 (£144,151).

“Switzerland has always been a high achiever for economics,” said Dean Blackburn, head of HSBC Expat. “The majority of expats there are in full-time employment with improved earnings prospects.

Similarly, the country with more than 2 million foreign residents was judged a good place to bring up children, but only placed 44th out of 46 for social life and how welcoming it was from a diversity perspective.

On the other hand, the strong personal finances of expats living in the desert kingdom are countered by the weakness of the Saudi economy, which is facing the worst slowdown since the global financial crisis.

Goldman Sachs chief executive Lloyd Blankfein said Saudi Arabia must address cultural differences with the West to attract more foreign workers as it seeks to diversify its economy away from oil.

Source Credit: Independent
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