Bill to double pension for public sector staff backed

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MPs yesterday approved a new bill that will double the monthly pension for public sector employees. Three amendments to three pension laws concerned will see the minimum increased from BD200 to BD400.

MP Shaikh Majid Al Majid said the last study in 2003 showed the poverty line to be around BD300 with new indicators stating that it is now around BD500 saying “If BD200 was not enough 14 years ago, how can pensioners and their families live under the burden of huge expenses that didn’t exist then?”

MP Isa Al Kooheji added that Bahraini pensioners should be the top priority for the government and supporting failing investments. “Bahraini pensioners are under pressure and are forced to look for part-time jobs and in most cases face the fact that they are too old to be employed, which forces them into despair and agony”.

However, Parliament and Shura council Minister Ghanim Al Buainain said the move would cost the state exchequer BD70 million annually. “The MPs approve things without conducting feasibility studies or looking at the full picture,” he said adding that the government can’t keep doing the math for the MPs.



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