Bitcoin millionaire, 19, wants to build ‘world’s best university’ in Dubai

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A teenage bitcoin investor who turned $1,000 into more than five million dollars, and who says college isn’t worth it, is now turning his sights on Dubai.

Erik Finman may only be 19 years old, but he is worth millions thanks to his early and shrewd investments in Bitcoin.

The teen mogul from Idaho, US, first invested in the cryptocurrency in May 2011 at the age of 12, after his grandma gifted him $1,000.

Back then, one Bitcoin fetched just $12. But Erik timed his purchase right, with the value of the digital currency going stratospheric since then. He owns 401 Bitcoins today, which at the current value of $14,000 a coin gives him a net worth of $5.6 million.

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Erik now has ambitious plans to invest part of that wealth into creating a new university in Dubai which, he says, will be “two times better than Stanford” – where both his parents did their PhDs.

“I want to start the school of all schools in Dubai,” he told The National. “It will be the best on the planet, world-renowned – because I know Dubai likes the best.”

Erik has visited Dubai regularly, and his family already run online teaching training in the Emirates, under the brand name ‘STEM Revolution’. It uses the technology developed through an online education start-up called Botangle that Erik launched in 2014, using the $100,000 he made through selling his first bitcoin investments.

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But Erik has plans to build an actual physical campus in Dubai which, he says, will be “Stanford 2.0 but even better – a very big and beautiful campus, with a modern design”.

Source Credit: The National


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