BMW 7 Series Review

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Gulf Insider drives the newest version of BMW’s iconic big luxury saloon.

The new BMW 7-Series is a full-size luxury car. It benefits from the most advanced technology available as well as BMW’s most powerful (and efficient) engines, and an improved eight speed transmission. It is one of the highest-rated cars tested by independent bodies.
This car looks expensive form the outside, and parked outside Arabian Magazines offices it looked like a VVIP was visiting us. It also looks expensive from the inside. The interior is filled with beautiful wood, leather, metals, and soothing ambient light in a choice of six colours. How about this for attention to detail – many of the buttons are covered with a thin layer of galvanized metal that makes them cool to the touch. The front and rear seats are big and grand. The rear seats have masses of leg room, even without the optional Luxury Rear Seat Package that offers even more leg room plus heated and cooled seats, in-seat massagers, and a tablet to control in-car entertainment functions.

BMW’s iDrive system is a bit complicated to learn if you want to get the most from it. For example, when equipped with Active Comfort systems, the 7 Series can use cameras and GPS information to “read” the road ahead to select the right gear and adjust the suspension for maximum comfort. This car offers semi-autonomous driving as well as advanced parking features such as a surround-view camera system. There’s a hands-free phone system, wireless charging, and rear-seat entertainment with full-HD touch screens.
Standard specification includes the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant – an intelligent, digital helper who responds to the prompt “Hey BMW”.

This technology learns routines, habits and preferences to help the driver get the best out of the in-car functionality such as the seat cooling or the places they navigate to. Drivers can also give the Personal Assistant a name for even greater individuality and personality. Saying “Hey BMW, I’m hot” will prompt the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant to cool the temperature inside the car. The 7-Series comes with lots of safety equipment including front side, rear, and knee airbags, dual-stage airbags, active head restraints, adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitors, night-vision cameras, and parking assistants.

The most popular selling 740i version is powered by a turbocharged 3.0-liter engine that produces 320 horsepower and 330 pound-feet of torque. The 750i offers a 4.4-liter turbo V-8 engine, offering 445 hp. The 760i has a turbocharged 6.6-liter V-12, pumping out 601 hp and 590 lb-ft. It can go zero to 100 kph in a blistering 3.6 seconds thanks to both its immense engine power and ultra lightweight construction that utilizes carbon fiber reinforced plastics, high-strength steel, and aluminum. Despite its huge power, the ride is composed and super smooth at all times. A large touchscreen keyfob can air condition the car before you get into it – something especially useful for drivers in Bahrain!

To arrange your own test drive in Bahrain contact BMW EuroMotors on +973 1775 0750.


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