BMW M LMDh Prototype unveiled for its return to international racing

Contributor: Atharie Al Salem

BMW motorsport officially teased its racing car set for its Le Mans 2023 debut, called the BMW M LMDh. Its main stage will be for IMSA, the popular North American racing series.

Since their June announcement about their return to the spectacular racing series, they have prepared their contender to rival the other hypercar entrants namely Porsche, Audi, Acura, Cadillac, Ferrari, Peugeot and the reigning champions Toyota.

Its sleek design is flaunted as the hypercars for the 2023 season all feature futuristic cosmetic upgrades, namely Peugeot’s 9X8 model. In comparison, the rear spoiler is just as wide as its front splitter, which has turned the heads of all BMW fans. The gaping canards and the aerodynamic shape of the hood is daunting and enhances their road car look, that usually features massive bonnets and their signature front grill, where on the LMDh is separated into two kidneys accompanied by diagonal headlight slits.

This is only the front end of the car, and many are anticipating the rear, which is just as exciting to look out for as there could be massive differences in design than their competitors, something that is already expected of BMW innovations. As far as we know, the car is an upgrade from their 1999 V12 LMR, partnering against with Williams Advanced Engineering for a battery pack and their chassis by the Italian race car manufacturer Dallara. The hybrid system is set to deliver 670hp and pose an exciting challenge as a prototype of the highly prized BMW face in motorsport after their 1999 success.

V12 LMR 1999 of BMW Motorsport

Team RLL is spearheading the LMDh prototype along with two M4 GT3 cars, and this is a new era for them as a BMW team, after BMW pulled out of the Formula E and DTM series to focus on their new innovations with BMW M Motorsport Design.


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