BREAKING: Bahrain to build world’s tallest building

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1st April (Manama) The tiny kingdom of Bahrain has shocked the world by announcing it has commenced work on what will become the world’s tallest building.

The tower, to be called LOOF LIRPA, will stand 1,130 metres tall when completed, which will be within the next 36 months.

The incredible 200 floor tower will drawf the world’s current record holder, Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, which is 830 meters and 156 floors.

During a press conference in Manama to announce what will also be the world’s greatest construction project, Chief project engineer Mr. David Hartley, representing the development company behind the massive project, announced that neighbouring Gulf states will be visible from the upper floors of the new super tower.

Asked about the significance of the tower being named LOOF LIRPA, Mr. Hartley explained that it was an inspired choice and anyone writing the name backwards would immediately understand.


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