Brit facing jail in Dubai for ‘brushing past man in bar’ who is revealed as ‘tech giant executive’

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A BRIT tourist awaiting trial in Dubai for touching a man’s hip in a bar has said “I just want to be back with my family”. Jamie Harron, from Stirling, Scotland, is facing three years in jail after he was arrested for public indecency in July.

Jamie’s accuser, who his supporters say reported him to police so he could brag to pals, is the executive of a global tech giant. The electrician, 27, has forked out more than £32,000 in legal fees and has been unable to fly home because authorities stripped him of his passport.

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He has spent three months fighting charges and has been left jobless and penniless because of what he called a “cultural misunderstanding”. Jamie, who appeared in court earlier this week, was told he must remain in the city as proceedings continue — while his distraught parents have said the legal battle is “killing them”.

Source Credit: The Sun
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