The British School of Bahrain gets inspired

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The British School of Bahrain is proud to join the Inspired family of international schools

As the world seems to become smaller and technology is used in new, more innovative ways, the level of interconnectedness between global communities is significantly higher.  The children of today are expected to not only grow accustomed to, but thrive in it. Seeking to prepare children for this future, the British School of Bahrain (BSB) has taken a step forward in joining a broader group of premium schools worldwide, the ‘Inspired’ family of international schools.

Inspired ( is a leading group of premium schools in the UK, Europe, Australia, Africa and Latin America, with 30 schools worldwide, 5 early learning schools, and a large extended international family of over 23,000 students. Each school, while rooted in its community, forms part of a global network, providing regular opportunities for the exchange of ideas and best practice–of pupils and their teachers. This is precisely the sort of 21st century education that will be of such an advantage in tomorrow’s world, and from which we are certain the pupils and teachers of the BSB will derive great benefit.

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Uniquely among international school groups, the group is led by top educationalists who are well-versed in all major school qualifications. Inspired’s Founder and Group Chairman is Nadim M. Nsouli, who has led the growth and strategic direction of the group since inception. Inspired’s President is Graeme Crawford, a renowned educator, who has started over 14 schools in the past 20 years while the Group Education Director is Dr. Stephen Spurr who led Westminster School for 10 years (the #1 ranked academic school in the UK with many international links).

Their aim is for the British School of Bahrain to be the leading school in the GCC within four years.

Since the start of the term, senior members of the team at Inspired have spent several weeks at the school, meeting with parents, teachers, students and the school leadership to plan the way forward. Educationalists on the team have spent much time in lessons, getting an in depth knowledge of how the school works so that they can put a strategy for development in place. Their aim is for the British School of Bahrain to be the leading school in the GCC within four years. Head of School Mrs. Julie Anne Gilbert commented “We are delighted to become members of the Inspired family and we are already benefiting hugely from the senior teams’ depth of knowledge and experience”.

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From left to right: Dr. Stephen Spurr, Group Education Director; Clarissa Farr, Senior Adviser; Nadim M. Nsouli, Inspired Founder & Group Chairman; Graeme Crawford, Reddam House Founder & Inspired Group President.


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