The British School – Spreading the Best Teaching Practices in the Kingdom

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The British School of Bahrain is one of the five ‘Outstanding Schools’ in Bahrain as per the report of Directorate of Private Schools and Kindergartens (DPS) Reviews. The twelve member DPS team observed lessons and other activities, scrutinized students’ written work and analyzed the school’s performance data and other documents. They met with staff members, students and parents. Exceptionally effective systems are in place for monitoring the school’s performance, especially in respect of student achievement.

DPS commented on The British School’s effective learning in almost all lessons using a wide range of educational resources and a variety of teaching strategies and crafted as per individual needs of the students including the highest achievers. Students’ interests and experiences are promoted in full within a safe and healthy environment and through the provision of a wide range of extracurricular activities and development of their personal skills.

Rigorous and effective selfevaluation and strategic planning are spearheaded by a very clear vision that is appropriately focused on the achievement of the highest academic and personal outcomes for students. The effective management team focuses on continuous development and continually encourages staff to improve performance.

The British School Pioneer Projects

A range of technological initiatives has been introduced to help primary students to develop their technological skills, including the use of Edmodo, Lightbot programming, Alfie cloud assessment and the Accelerated Reader and Star Reading programs. In addition, Google classrooms and Google apps are being used to support learning and to enhance feedback and efficiency.

The British School has created student Digital Leaders who demonstrate a particular expertise in computing and technology to support students, staff and parents in the application of technology in school. The Performance Management structure is linked to the school’s development plan and departmental development plans. This sets clear targets for teachers in terms of student attainment and the development of teaching strategies and approaches.

A Gifted and Talented program includes an enrichment week, Gifted and Talented Robotics, Gifted and Talented Choir, and membership of the University of Warwick’s online Gifted and Talented community. Committees have been introduced in the sixth form. These include charity, social media and teaching and learning bodies.

DPS strongly recommended The British School to keep up their outstanding standards and spread the best teaching practices across the school and disseminate these to other schools in Bahrain.


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