British Student Sentenced To Life For Spying On UAE

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British citizen Matthew Hedges was sentenced to life in prison, for spying on the UAE, by a federal court in Abu Dhabi on Wednesday.

Mr. Hedges, 31, a Ph.D. student at Durham University in the UK, was convicted by the Federal Court of Appeal for attempting to procure sensitive information during a trip to the Emirates this year.

He appeared in court, accompanied by his wife, Daniele Tejada, and officials from the British Embassy to hear his sentence.

A life sentence includes a maximum of 25 years in jail and is followed by deportations for non-Emiratis. Mr. Hedges will be deported upon completion of his sentence and was also ordered to pay all legal fees.

The court stated that his devices and research would be confiscated. Mr. Hedges has the right to appeal within a maximum of 30 days.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May described the verdict as disappointing and said she would raise the case at the highest levels of the UAE government.


Source Credit: The National


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