Business: Bahrain Airport Soars In Profit With Increased Traffic

bahrain airport
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Bahrain Airport Company has reported a 49 percent increase in yearly profit as the region serves as a hub to many commercial and freight airlines. 

Eng. Kamal bin Ahmed Mohammed, Bahrain’s Minister of Transportation and Telecommunications and chairman of Gulf Air Group Holding (GFG) said the airport has reported a profit of $51 million (BD19.3) with an estimate of 49 percent.

The airport increased its revenue by 21 percent, to $135m (BD51m) due to the surge in cargo traffic.

The Kingdom of Bahrain has also attracted a number of new airlines to operate through its airport which has increased revenues from landing fees, passenger service charges and heavier footfall through retail areas.

The airport’s non-aero revenues have also increased by 28 percent, largely due to property and real estate income (33%) and retail concession income (31%).

The launch of the new passenger terminal building later this year, which will increase BIA’s capacity to 14 million passengers a year, is expected to generate even further growth across both aero and non-aero revenue streams, said the minister.


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