Buyer Wins BD3,700 Refund After Seller Fails To Deliver Car

The High Civil Court has ruled in favor of a car buyer who sued the seller for refusing to deliver the vehicle or refund the BD3,700 he had received as a down payment. The court ordered the seller to return the full amount to the buyer, along with half of the court fees and legal expenses.

The buyer’s lawyer, Sarah Atiq, stated that her client had agreed to purchase a car from the seller for BD5,600. He paid a deposit to secure the vehicle and demon- strate his seriousness, followed by additional payments that brought the total amount paid to BD3,700. However, when the delivery date arrived, the seller breached the agreement, claiming that the full payment had not been received.

The buyer insisted that he was ready to pay the remaining amount and complete the transaction, but the seller refused. When the buyer demanded a refund, the seller remained unresponsive.

Deposit A friend of the buyer testified to witnessing the payment of the deposit, and the lawyer presented bank statements showing electronic transfers from the buyer to the seller’s account, totaling the claimed amount.

The court concluded that the buyer’s request for a refund implicitly constituted a termination of the sales contract. Since both parties acknowledged that the contract had not been fulfilled due to the delayed payment, and the buyer had proven his payment of the deposit and subsequent transfers, the court ruled in favor of the buyer.

The court ordered the seller to return the BD3,700 to the buyer, along with half of the court fees, expenses, and legal fees.


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