BYD’s New Ultra Long-Range Hybrid Can Go over 2,000 Kilometers Without Recharging Or Refueling

Range anxiety with electric vehicles becomes less of a problem when switching to hybrids – a plan almost all of the auto industry is now embracing after finding out the economics of pure BEVs are a prohibitive nightmare. 

For example this week Bloomberg reported that BYD had unveiled a new “hybrid powertrain capable of traveling more than 2,000 kilometers (1,250 miles) without recharging or refueling”. 

The technology will be featured in two sedans priced below 100,000 yuan ($13,800) and capable of covering distances comparable to Singapore to Bangkok or New York to Miami on a single charge and tank of gas. This advancement marks a significant stride in fuel efficiency since BYD introduced its first hybrids in 2008.

The Shenzhen-based automaker, known for aggressive pricing strategies that have impacted its profitability, dominates the Chinese hybrid market, holding a 50% market share, Bloomberg writes.

In response to consumer range concerns and environmental considerations, automakers globally are innovating, as demonstrated by Toyota’s recent unveiling of a versatile new internal combustion engine.

BYD, which ceased production of solely fossil-fuel vehicles in early 2022, is expanding its hybrid exports, particularly to markets with limited charging infrastructure. The new upgrades, initially available in China, are expected to be exported soon.

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