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Calls For Government Compensation Following Devastating Fire In Manama’s Old Souq

Following a fire that devastated Manama’s Old Souq, causing millions of dinars in damage and impacting numerous businesses, calls are mounting for the government to compensate affected shop owners.

MP Ahmed Qarata, along with the Old Souq Development Committee, is leading efforts to secure compensation for the shop owners who have lost their income and face ongoing financial burdens. The committee will meet on Saturday to assess the damage and present a detailed report to the government.

Qarata highlighted the urgency of the situation, as many shop owners are still required to pay rent, electricity bills, and water bills, despite having lost their source of income. Additionally, several buildings require complete demolition and reconstruction, which could take years, further exacerbating the financial strain on the affected individuals.

Mahmood Al Namilty, Vice Chairman of the Manama Souq Development Committee, emphasised the need for comprehensive compensation, including financial support, waiving of outstanding bills, and exemption from fees until the businesses can resume operations. He stressed the importance of supporting both shop owners and their employees, who have lost their income during this critical time.

Riyadh Al Mahroos, another committee member, echoed the need for immediate support and highlighted the importance of the upcoming meeting in finding solutions and providing assistance to the affected businesses.

MP Ahmed Al Saloom, head of the Strategic Thinking Bloc, called for stringent building inspections following the fire. He urged the government to conduct thorough checks in densely populated areas to ensure electrical safety and prevent future tragedies.

Al Saloom emphasised the urgency of action, stating that Manama is a “ticking time bomb” and that immediate action is needed to avoid further disasters. He also called for comprehensive inspections, focusing not only on illegal workers and expired IDs but also on safety conditions.

The fire has served as a wake-up call, highlighting the need for urgent action to improve safety standards and provide support to those affected by the tragedy. As the situation unfolds, it remains to be seen what steps the government will take to address the concerns raised and ensure the well-being of the individuals and businesses impacted by the fire.

It’s worth noting that over 70 properties, including shops, apartments, and historical buildings, were damaged, with estimates exceeding 10 million dinars, . Several buildings, some dating back over a century, were completely destroyed and deemed uninhabitable.


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