Can I exercise while fasting?

Maintaining a regular workout regimen during Ramadan can be difficult due to a disrupted sleep schedule and lack of liquids. But, did you know that finding time to exercise will help keep your energy up, your mind clear, and your metabolism stable during the holy month?

The holy month is not the time to abandon your fitness goals. Instead, use it to recharge so that you can hit the gym harder and better.

Is it permissible to exercise while fasting? If so, when is the best time to work out?

During Ramadan, it is not advisable to begin a new exercise routine. Intense exercise can decrease muscle mass and strength, so moderate-intensity workouts are recommended throughout the month. In addition to going to the gym, or as an alternative, one could go for a walk, cycle, or light jog.

After Iftar is the best time to exercise; workouts that last between 20 and 45 minutes are ideal. After a small snack and plenty of water, one can exercise before Suhoor. Following this, eat a nutrient-dense meal.

When is the best time to exercise?

It is recommended to exercise after Taraweeh prayers. Consuming adequate meals and water  aids in your performance.

Some exercises can be done after the fast has been broken or before Suhoor.

Exercising an hour before actually breaking the fast allows you to eat promptly. It immediately revitalises the body.

What type of exercise should be performed?

High-intensity exercises that raise the pulse rate above 150 beats per minute should be avoided, especially if you haven’t broken the fast yet. Exercises that are slow or moderate are recommended.

For Ramadan, experts recommend brisk walking, slow jogging, cycling, cross-training, and light machine exercises at the gym.

Above all, eating a well-balanced diet and drinking plenty of fluids is essential for maintaining a healthy exercise routine. It is encouraged to consume carbohydrates during Suhoor, which aids in the maintenance of energy levels. After breaking the fast, consuming protein-rich diet aid in the body’s rejuvenation.


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