You can now fly an Emirates A380 in Dubai!

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Have you ever fancied flying an airplane? Here is your chance to experience how a passenger aircraft is operated. The Emirates A380 Experience will allow you to pilot an Emirates Airbus A380 aircraft with the help of a hi-tech flight simulator at The Dubai Mall.

Sam, a trainee flight dispatcher, recently explained how to operate the aircraft with the help of a simulator, reports Whatson website. According to Sam, the simulator is as popular with retired pilots as it is with aviation geeks and tourists who would like to experience the thrill of piloting a plane.

The users can select from 12 different airports and select their own flight path, weather conditions, etc. The simulation is manual. Each of the Emirates A380 Experience session lasts 30 minutes at ground floor, The Dubai Mall. The timings are Sunday to Wednesday 10am to 10pmThursday to Saturday 10am to midnight. The tickets are priced Dh325 onwards. For more information and to book visit


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