You can now get a commercial license in Dubai within five minutes!

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The Business Registration and Licencing (BRL) sector in Dubai Economy has launched the “Instant Licence” initiative that enables businessmen and investors to obtain their commercial licences in one step within five minutes without having a company’s lease or location for the first year only. They only have to present these documents for renewal. The new initiative reduces the time required for business registration procedures and licence issuance by 90 per cent.

All business partners or one of them must be present while applying through the outsourcing centres or the happiness lounges, and must provide a valid passport copy to all parties (partner and manager), a residence visa copy and non-objection letter from the sponsor to the foreign parties.

“The new service is in line with BRL’s vital role in promoting the sustainable economic development and competitiveness of Dubai through targeted initiatives and the application of best practices in areas such as ease of starting business, company registration, smart services, and providing value-added services to licence owners, and thereby creating a world-class business environment,” said Omar Bushahab, CEO of BRL sector.


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