Can You See What No One Can?

By Niha Shah, Brand & Customer Experience Manager, Y. K. Almoayyed & Sons, Kingdom of Bahrain

You know how when you write something which is too new for Microsoft Word and it immediately, BY DEFAULT, declares it as wrong with a red underline? So you, knowing better than a mere application – go on to right click, select “Ignore all” and continue typing anyway…

My point exactly.

In life too, when voicing your innovative dreams, you must have come across people who immediately discourage you – almost as a default reaction. Without really understanding, without any logic. Just an in-built, biased setting in their underdeveloped brain cells. 

Most popular phrases sound like “you can’t do it”, “you are not made for it”, “you will fail”, or even better “you must be crazy!”. We’ve all been there, haven’t we?


Clearly, we know now, that they don’t know any better. Do you want to know why? Because it is not their dream, it is yours. They can’t see it because they lack the drive to. Only you saw it, because only YOU WERE MEANT TO.

It is this evident difference between you and them, that translates your dreams into reality. A dream can be of any shape, a vision that of any scale. Getting fit, reaching a certain net worth, inventing new technologies, starting your own business, attaining certifications, travelling the world, having a baby, switching careers or creating a life for yourself that you believe in. Absolutely anything.

It is your confidence that will fuel it and your persistence that will actualize it.


Did you know that Thomas Edison was not the first to invent a light bulb? He was the first to invent a COMMERCIALLY VIABLE light bulb, ahead of the many who had created them before him but were commercially impractical for users to use.

The point? Among the many scientists, he alone could spot gaps, find ideas, and implement solutions that no one else could. What’s next? He dived right in, head-first and didn’t stop at anything till he achieved this dream.

Do you really think no one called Edison unreasonable to his face during his 10,000 attempts? Sure, the nay-sayers said nay then too! But here’s a little inside story that blew my mind and explained it all. Edison happily stated that his conscious willpower and his deafness empowered him to concentrate seamlessly on his goals; not giving a dime about what people said. Paying undivided attention on where he had to get, and an unshakable focus on how best to get there. No nonsense, none at all.

The learning? You don’t need control over what people say, because you already hold the remote to mute them out. Your brain is a powerful muscle, should you choose to keep it powerful.


So, here’s a 3-step magic method to work this out:

  • First – Give them a humble smile and empathize with them for not having what it takes to see dreams that big and beautiful.
  • Second – Say nay to the nay-sayers!
  • Third – Just go for it.

If you know that your idea is worth pursuing, pursue. If your eyes have envisioned it, your brain will figure out the path. Yes, at the forefront, take that call based on a rational analysis of the pros and cons while keeping your core illuminated with the passion for that dream. The key theorem being – calculated risks for calculated moves. Hold on to the brave voice of your instincts when you are pursuing any dream, come what may. Turn up the volume and let that voice echo in your head-loud and clear. Let your confidence override any confusions, and your conviction do the talking. Get up and get going. All of this is doable. All of it, attainable. The question is – CAN YOU SEE WHAT NO ONE CAN?


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