Canada: Man Wins Four Female Running Competitions in a Row

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News

A transgender athlete who now identifies as a woman has won four different female running competitions so far this year alone after smashing a women’s 5000 meter record last year. 50-year-old Canadian Tiffany Newell ‘transitioned’ into a woman in 2017 and began competing in women’s sport in 2020 after claiming to have met World Athletics guidelines on testosterone levels.

Newell scooped first place at the 3000 meter for women aged 45-49 event at the Winter Mini Meet on January 8 and then also ranked first in the women’s 5000 meter for women aged 45-49 event just days later. On February 5, Newell repeated the achievement by winning the the 1500 meter for women aged 45-49 competition. After turning 50, the athlete then won first place at the 1500 meter for women aged 50-54 competition held from February 23 to February 26 in Toronto.

The International Consortium on Women’s Sport, a group demanding the protection of female competitions, reacted to the news by asserting it was a blatant example of “sex discrimination.” Last year, Newell smashed the Canadian record in the 5000 meter indoor running competition for women aged 45-49 held at Toronto’s York University, beating it by six seconds, while also winning the 800 meter women’s race at the same event.


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