Car rentals to be fully Saudized in 40 days

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RIYADH — Work in the car rental offices will be fully Saudized starting March 19, according to the Ministry of Labor and Social Development.

“Work in car rental offices all over the Kingdom will be solely limited to Saudi nationals after about 40 days,” the ministry’s spokesman, Khaled Aba Al-Khail has said.

He said the move was aimed at increasing the employment of national cadres in the labor market through the provision of quantitative solutions that would further boost nationalization of jobs in the country.

According to the spokesman, the ministry will provide all kinds of support to Saudi citizens qualifying them to work in this sector through training and rehabilitation.

“The ministry will provide the necessary electronic training programs to qualify the Saudi youth in the targeted activities,” he said.

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Aba Al-Khail said the ministry will also extend the technical and financial support to the Saudi youth aspiring to go for their own businesses.

“We will also organize the necessary employment gatherings to achieve harmony between the job seekers and the employers,” he said.

The spokesman said the ministry will closely follow up the execution of its decisions on the Saudization of jobs in all sectors.

He said violating private establishments will be penalized through fines which will go up with the repetition of the violations.

Meanwhile, the department of women supervision in the Jeddah municipality last year conducted as many as 4,075 inspection visits to the lingerie and women accessory shops during which it discovered about 446 violations.

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The department said out of 2,330 women accessory shops, as many as 112 were found to be violating the regulations.

It said the violations consisted of not renewing the shop license, not putting billboards indicating that the shop was for women only, using foreign names for the shops, not cleaning the equipment being used including towels, women workers not wearing proper uniforms and some of them working with no health certificates.

The department said these shops will be closely followed up until they correct their situation or face final closure.

Source Credit: Saudi Gazette


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