Careem Expands Food Delivery Service To Riyadh

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Careem’s food delivery service has expanded to Riyadh, as it grows its presence in the Saudi market.

Following its launch in Jeddah in December last year, the new delivery service launches with over 100 restaurants and outlets in Riyadh, with an offer of 50% off (up to SAR30) for new customers in the city.

The Riyadh launch will initially cover Ash Shuhada, Ghirnatah, Al Izdihar, Al Mughrizat, Al Falah, Al Hamra, Al Yarmuk, Al Taawun, Qurtubah and Al Wadi, but is expanding rapidly across the city to offer deliveries to all areas.

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The existing customers can log-in with their existing Careem credentials through the Careem Now App, which will automatically link cards and saved address from the ride-hailing app.

“Only 15 percent of the food delivery market in our region currently operates via the app, but Careem enables users to order from a wide range of restaurants easily and with rapid door-to-door delivery,” said Adeeb Warsi, managing director of Careem Now.

He further added, “Customers are expecting a smoother and broader service than ever before. The idea of having to call up a restaurant and read out a list of items, and hope it’s all written down correctly, are increasingly over. Ordering by the app is trending in the food industry.”

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