Careem Introduces Ride Packages

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Whether you are heading to meetings all over the city or doing your daily errands, taking more rides should save you money. Careem is always looking for ways to make getting around easier. Careem introduces its latest offerings yet, Careem Packages and we have all that you need to know.

Careem ride packages

The best way to save more on your day-to-day rides, a Rides package means all your rides are automatically discounted just like a promo code!

Best for shorter rides

The more you ride, the more you save. No hassle All your rides will automatically get a discounted rate.

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Plan your expenses

Discounts on rides make it easier to plan your monthly expenses.

How to get a rides package?

1. Go to the main menu of the Careem app
2. Click on “Buy a Package”
3. Tap “Ride package”
4. Choose the package of your choice
5. Pick your preferred payment method. And you’re done!

How to use your rides package?

1. Open the Careem app
2. Add your pick up and drop off locations
3. Tap on “Ride package is disabled for this ride” and enable it

Terms & Conditions

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• Promo code cannot be applied to a ride package
• Discount is automatically applied and works with existing payment methods
• A ride package expires when all rides are consumed or when the expiry date is reached
• Purchase is non-transferable and non-refundable
• A minimum of one ride will be deducted for cancelled bookings
• Package is valid for 14 days
• Maximum discount of 2 BHD per ride
• Once you purchase, make sure you enable ride package before booking a ride
• Initial prices part of pilot launch, prices are subject to change


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