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Careem launches Careem PAY in Bahrain 

A new feature called Careem PAY has been noticed on the latest update of the Careem app. Careem customers has the ability to easily and instantaneously transfer Careem credit through their wallets to friends and family. For example, it will allow a parent to send credit to their child to take a Careem ride back home, or for companies to transfer credit to their out-of-office sales force to simplify their claims and reimbursement process. It can also come in handy when you’re out of cash and have no balance in your wallet but need a ride urgently. Or it could be as basic as saying “thank you” with a little token of appreciation.

It’s easy to sometimes forget that bank accounts and cards that many of us take for granted are not available to everyone. In fact, according to the World Bank, only 14 percent of people in the Middle East have access to a bank account. That means there are hundreds of millions that have no means of storing cash in a secure manner or the ability to make digital payments. Cash is still the main form of payment in the region including for Careem rides. But with smartphone penetration on the rise, Careem PAY is going to be an increasingly common way of paying in the coming years.

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Careem wants to stay ahead of this change and is working to bring new payment services to their customers which will ultimately help them simplify the lives of people. Right now, the peer-to-peer credit transfer feature is being tested, but soon it will be available to all the customers as it is progressively rolled out across the entire base in all cities.

About Careem
Careem is the leading technology platform in the greater Middle East. A pioneer of the region’s ride-hailing economy, Careem is expanding services across its platform to include mass transportation, delivery and payments. Careem’s mission is to simplify and improve the lives of people and build a lasting institution that inspires. Established in July 2012, Careem operates in more than 120 cities across 15 countries and has created more than one million job opportunities in the region.

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