Careers Coach: How To Answer the Most Common Job Interview Question

A careers expert has revealed how to prepare the perfect response to the one question asked in every job interview: ‘Tell me about yourself’. Sam DeMase, who is a career coach, self-advocacy expert and author, shared the type of answer employers are looking to hear and a foolproof method for remembering it. 

She said the one thing interviewees should avoid when asked to talk about themselves is going over their whole employment history.  ‘Do not rehash your entire resume, you’re entire work history, they already have that,’ she said in a TikTok clip. 

Instead, Sam, from the US, said to use her W-A-T method by stating what you do, and your achievements and tying those into the role you’re interviewing for. She advised job hunters briefly describe what they do, and their most relevant achievements and tie those achievements into how they could benefit the role they’re applying for. 

She shared an example of a good reply when asked to tell a potential employer about herself. ‘I’m a training and development leader with over ten years of experience in the retail space. In my most recent role I launched a brand new LMS program which increased employee completion rates by over 60 per cent,’ she said. 

‘I know in this role you’re looking for someone who is a results-driven builder who has launched projects from the ground up, which is exactly what I do, so I’m especially excited to discuss this role today.’ The helpful clip racked up more than 906,500 views and hundreds were thankful for the ‘solid advice’. 

‘So you shouldn’t say anything personal here? Like anything that makes you you?’ a third asked to which Sam replied: ‘You can share that too at the end if you like!’.

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