Cascade of Dreams

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An interview with Al Zain Jewellery CEO Theo Swart

Handcrafting jewellery since the 1930’s, Al Zain’s legacy has always been fine craftsmanship and design. Creating intricate and breathtaking works of art for generations—Al Zain jewellers go to great lengths to seek out the highest class of gems:  from diamonds to emeralds to natural pearls to adorn their distinguished clientele. Gulf Insider sits down with Al Zain Jewellery’ newly appointed CEO Theo Swart to talk about the jewellery business as well as their latest dazzling project—”Cascade of Dreams”.

What did you hope to achieve this year at Jewellery Arabia?

We wanted to showcase Al Zain’s ability to manufacture and design Jewellery of the highest quality and finish. “Cascade of Dreams” was an example of this. We used the show to launch some new collections in diamonds. Ultimately, we aim at attracting existing and new consumers to Al Zain through the evolution of our designs.

What’s your own personal favourite item of jewellery?

I’m going to have to be biased now because of the sheer time & effort we have spent on this item, so it has to be “Cascade of Dreams”! Let me tell you it was and is an absolute “Show Stopper!”. Another favourite is our brand new range simply called ‘Nina’. Nina is on the other end of the scale purely aimed at a younger consumer audience at affordable prices but maintaining the utmost in handcrafted quality and finish for which Al Zain is so well known. This is to be followed closely by Dusk Till Dawn, a black and white collection set on rose gold–look out for it.

What is the most beautiful piece of jewellery you have ever seen?

I think we all know the answer to this! Cascade of Dreams took months and months of planning leading up to Jewellery Arabia. The brief to our designers were simply, “What would you design if you had the freedom to dream?” When the final product reached us a few weeks ago and they removed the dust cover, there was a stunned silence in the room for a few moments. We were dumbstruck and in total awe of its beauty. This is the result of freedom of design and 1600 man hours split between 100 + workers.

Do you wear jewellery yourself and if so, can you specify what it is you wear?

Yes, I do – I have to confess it is not yet Al Zain but that is a project we are working on. Right now I’m wearing Georg Jensen, a Danish brand. Al Zain is launching a classic contemporary collection of cufflinks in December soon to be followed by a stunning range of trendy men’s Jewellery at which point I will change what I am wearing today!

Do you see owning jewellery as a smart investment?

Yes, certainly in today’s uncertain world and economy people look to something with more permanence and security hence the trust in gold and diamonds. Gold has become the currency of now and the future because people consider gold as something that will never lose its value and will always have a strong connection with our past as a form of trade.

What do you most love about your job?

I love the diversity and creativity all mixed into one working day. I switch between working in an environment of design artists, to retailing; a factory environment and then back to a corporate environment. So what do I love most about my job? Diversity!


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