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Latest updates on expats news in the GCC Countries: Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Oman.

saudi driver

Saudi Driver Who ‘Ran Over’ Causeway Customs Officer Arrested

A Saudi driver who ran over one of the customs officials at King Fahd Causeway over the weekend was arrested by Security authorities for...

Saudi Launches Permanent Residency Scheme For Expats

Saudi Arabia on Sunday launched a new special residency scheme aimed at boosting investment and non-oil revenues, attracting wealthy and high-skilled expats.The residency scheme...
expat woman

Bahrain: Expat Woman Lands In Jail For Assaulting Police Officers

An expat woman has been sentenced to three years in prison with a fine of 100 BD followed by deportation for assaulting police officers...
medical negligence

Bahrain: Employer Faces Court For Forging Expat’s Signature

A Bahraini Employer faces court as he obtained electricity and water connection under his Pakistani’s employee’s name without obtaining the latter’s consent.The case was...

Tripartite Agreement And Insurance Protects Domestic Workers In Bahrain

Domestic workers now face no more troubles in the Kingdom, especially after the implementation of tripartite agreement and insurance by LMRA..The LMRA adopted the...

Bahrain Ranks 5th In Suicide Rates Among Arab Nations

German Media Website,” Deutsche Welle”, ranks Bahrain 5th among Arab nations in suicide rates.Quoting World Health Organization (WHO), the website revealed the top five...

Saudi: Around 75% of Jobs Are Controlled By Expats

According to the figures released by the General Organization of Social Security (GOSI), expatriates are in control of about 75.6% of jobs in the...

Saudi: Expats To Face Deportation Upon Expired Iqamas

The Directorate General of Passports warned expats of deportation due to failure in the renewal of resident ID’s before its expiry as per the rules and...

Kuwait: MP Proposes Imposing Fees On Expats Using Public Beaches

Kuwaiti MP Safa Al-Hashem has urged the government to charge expats for using public property and infrastructure as part of efforts to correct the...
expat women

UAE: Expat Woman Makes Dh184,000 Through Online Begging

An expat woman promoted herself as a victim of failed marriage made $50,000 (Dh184,000) in just 17 days, by taking advantage of residents' generosity,...
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