Monday, September 28, 2020

Oman sets up drive-through COVID-19 tests at airports

Oman has set up facilities for drive-through testing for the coronavirus as the country is due to resume commercial flights early next month, according...

COVID-19: Oman Reports 1,543 New Cases, 24 Deaths

The Ministry of Health has registered 1,543 new coronavirus cases and 24 deaths in Oman.The total cases in the country have now...

Oman: Largest coin treasure restored

Oman’s largest coin treasure, which was found inside a pot in September 1979, has been restored, Oman News Agency reported today (ONA).

Oman raids night party at restaurant for health violations

Muscat Municipality raided a restaurant in Muttrah for organising a night party and violating the COVID-19 decisions taken by the Supreme Committee.

Oman: More flights to India scheduled starting October 1

As part of the Vande Bharat Mission, Indian Embassy has announced new repatriation flights from the Sultanate starting from October 1. 

Oman: Arriving passengers to pay OMR25 for COVID-19 test

All persons arriving in the Sultanate will be subjected to the COVID-19 PCR test and will have to pay OMR 25 as...

Oman issues new guidelines for Indian travellers

The Indian Embassy in the Sultanate of Oman has shared a circular on the revised guidelines for international passengers travelling to India.As per the...

Oman reports 568 new coronavirus cases, 10 deaths

The Ministry of Health has registered 568 new coronavirus cases and 10 deaths in Oman.The total cases in the country have now...

Cost of expat work permits reduced for Omani companies

Bringing expatriate workers into the country, and renewing the work visas of foreign workers already in Oman will cost OMR 201 until...

Oman: Humanitarian aid to Sudan shipped by sea

Oman’s Royal Navy has shipped aid to Sudan following a massive flood caused by heavy rains, state news agency ONA reported.

Oman: Expats do not need approval to return from October 1

Residents with valid visas do not need approval from the Foreign Ministry to return to Oman, a top official said.

COVID-19: Oman Reports 628 New Cases, 10 Deaths

The Ministry of Health has registered 628 new coronavirus cases and 10 deaths in Oman.The total cases in...

Oman: Muscat Airport invites volunteers for operational readiness test

Oman Airports is offering a chance for the general public to take part in a trial to test the operational readiness of Muscat International...

Oman to open land borders from October 1

Oman will reopen land borders starting ‪from October 1‬, a top government official informed. Speaking exclusively to Times of...

Oman to prioritise frontline workers for COVID-19 vaccine

Healthcare workers, police, and military personnel in Oman will be the first to get the COVID-19 vaccine, local media reported.

Oman converts airport into hospital for COVID-19 patients

Construction work is underway to turn the departure building of the old airport in the Omani capital Muscat...

Oman reports 576 new coronavirus cases, 7 deaths

The Ministry of Health has registered 576 new coronavirus cases and 7 deaths in Oman on Monday.The total...

Oman: New dress code for visitors in public places

People entering malls in Muscat wearing sleeveless shirts and shorts could face fines of up to OMR 300, and jail terms of...

COVID-19: Oman Reports 1,722 New Cases, 28 Deaths

The Ministry of Health has registered 1,722 new coronavirus cases and 28 deaths in Oman.The total cases in...

Oman announces 50% tax on sweetened drinks from October 1

Oman’s tax authority has announced that starting October this year, the Sultanate will levy 50% tax on sweetened beverages, according to Oman Observer.Ready to...
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