Monday, September 23, 2019


Growth in Qatar Economy, Relationship of Qatar with other GCC Countries, Travel to Qatar, Gulf Finance, Business and Launch of new projects.

Qatar net worth $355 billion

Qatar, a country with a population smaller than Houston, Texas has amassed $355 billion in assets around the globe, making its Sovereign Wealth Fund...

Qatar rents ‘fall by 10-20%’ in prime areas

Summer lull and ‘expat exodus’ to blame for decline, while rents hold up in more affordable areas, according to report A combination of oversupply and...

No backpackers in Qatar

… because they ‘just lie on the beach and don’t spend money’.  Qatar Airways chief executive Akbar Al Baker is not a fan of...

Qatar coral reef at risk from warming seas

High sea temperatures off the coast of Qatar are threatening precious coral reef and have caused mass deaths among some 20 types of fish,...

Qatar: world’s richest country

Luxembourg is second, Singapore third; UAE ranks eighth globally and Kuwait is 19th Qatar ranked first among the world’s richest countries, with per capita...

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