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Saudi Arabia

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Coffee ban

KSA: Ministry To Ban Coffee At Offices

In an attempt to increase workers’ productivity, Saudi Ministry has issued a circular urging the ban of coffee and other hot drinks, among other...
saudi king

Saudi King To Host Families Of NZ Mosque Martyrs

Saudi King has directed to host 200 relatives of the victims of the massacre at the Christchurch city in New Zealand to perform the...
saudi business

Saudi: 24-Hour Trading For Restaurants Approved

Saudi cabinet decision permitted stores and restaurants to operate the 24-hour trading in exchange for paying a fee, according to the official Saudi Press...
petrol price

Saudi Arabia Raises Fuel Price

Saudi Arabia raised the fuel price of Octane 95 gasoline to SR2.18 from SR 2.10 last quarter and Octane 91 to SR1.53 from SR1.44...
haj pilgrims

Saudi King To Host Hajj Pilgrims From 72 Countries

King Salman has ordered 1,300 hajj pilgrims from around the world to be hosted during this year Hajj season as part of the Custodian...
g20 countries

KSA Ranked 2nd In Telecom Expansion Among G20 Countries

Saudi Arabia has made the largest breakthrough among the G20 countries, in terms of the amount of radio spectrum awarded to operators in globally...
saudi passports

Saudi Tourists Warned Of Passport Theft In Turkey

Saudi Arabia’s embassy in Turkey has issued another alert to its tourists visiting the country on safeguarding their belongings after a series of cases...
G20 countries

Saudi Arabia: Fastest Growing Nation Among G20 Countries

Saudi Arabia is the fastest growing nations among G20 countries in terms of women’s participation and contribution to the labor market, according to a...
zamzam water

Airlines Ban Zamzam Cans On Two Flights Until Sept 15

India’s national carrier Air India has banned Zamzam cans on some of its flights with immediate effect due to space constraints.The ban runs until...
five member family dies in apartment fire

Saudi: Five Member Family Suffocates To Death In Riyadh

A five-member family died due to a fire which broke out in their apartment on the second floor of a three-story building in the...
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