Saturday, December 14, 2019

Tech & Telecoms

Latest updates on the implementation of new tech and telecom projects in and around the GCC region and global updates on social networking platforms and computers.

Virtual Reality & Galaxy Tab

N ow you can watch the news in VR CNN has released a new virtual reality platform to deliver the news from around the world through...

A New iMac Rival?

Take a look at the gorgeous new computer that could potentially rival the iMac.There are desktop computers, and then there’s the Microsoft Surface...


Samsung’s Siri competitor will be able to SEE  … and will even be able to read text.Samsung has fired the latest salvo in its...

Powered by Mac

The new Apple MacBook Pro is trying to make you give up your money. Apple has unveiled a radical overhaul of its MacBook - and...

Smartphone insurance from VIVA

VIVA has introduced the ultimate accessory for your smartphone: VIVA Protect. The service is a yearly insurance plan for smartphones and devices that covers...

Galaxy S8 handset

Galaxy S8 set to have an ‘UltraHD’ edge to edge display. Samsung’s next-generation Galaxy handset will feature a radical 5.5inch ultra HD display - but...
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