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Bahrain: EWA Uses WhatsApp To Record Meter Readings

Bahrain’s Electricity and Water Authority (EWA) utilizes WhatsApp to avoid the estimated readings of subscribers’ electricity and water meters.EWA pointed out that this service...
expat businessman

Bahrain Customs Arrests Expat Businessman On Forgery

An expat businessman was caught by customs official’s minutes before boarding the plane to his home country. He had used one of his employees’...

Bahrain: CBB Warns Customers On Fraudulent Banks

Unlicensed financial institutions that market securities have targeted people through SMS, telephone calls and websites, the Central Bank Of Bahrain (CBB) has announced.The fraudulent...
saudi haramain train

Saudi Haramain Train: Middle East’s Largest Public Transport Project

The Saudi Haramain High-Speed Express Train is considered the largest public transport project in the Middle East and transports 60M passengers in a year.The...
mega water project

Saudi Launches Six Mega Water Projects To Serve Hajj Pilgrims

The Central Haj Committee inaugurated six mega water projects in Makkah and other holy sites worth over SR3.1 billion to serve Hajj pilgrims.The inauguration...
biodegradable plastic bag

Bahrain: “No Additional Costs” For Biodegradable Garbage Bags

The Works Ministry has confirmed that there will be "no additional Costs” for the distribution of biodegradable garbage bags in the Kingdom. The specific...
rope-less elevator

UAE: Expo 2020 To Unveil World’s First Rope-Less Elevator

Multi, a system introduced by German company ThyssenKrupp Elevator allows elevators to not only function rope-less but moves horizontally and vertically.Multi requires fewer and...

Volvo XC 40: A Swedish Rival To Luxury German & Japanese...

Gulf Insider drives the Swedish compact SUV rival to luxury German and Japanese brands.The compact SUV has become one of the most popular classes...
Coffee ban

KSA: Ministry To Ban Coffee At Offices

In an attempt to increase workers’ productivity, Saudi Ministry has issued a circular urging the ban of coffee and other hot drinks, among other...
diffabled park

Bahrain To Launch First-Ever Park For “Diffabled”

Muharraq municipality officials have received a proposal to build Bahrain's first-ever park dedicated to the differently-abled, also known as “diffabled”.The proposal suggested a very large area...
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