Monday, February 17, 2020


Prince Harry & Meghan Step Down From Royalty

London: Prince Harry and his wife Meghan will no longer be working members of Britain's royal family and they will not use their "royal...

Floods Follow Bushfires in Australia

After months of intense heat and devastating bushfires, Australia's east coast was battered by heavy rainstorms Saturday, causing flash flooding in parts and road closures. Major...

Iraqi Police Arrests Most-Wanted ISIS Leader

A 'most wanted' ISIS mufti responsible for ordering gruesome killings, kidnappings, rapes, as well as the destruction of the northern Iraqi city of Mosul's...

Australian Bushfires – What You Need to Know?

Australia’s temperature has been rising by 1 degree Celsius since the past century. This rising temperature paves way for heatwaves and droughts which increases...
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