Celebrity: But Not As You Know It

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Teaching was never top of my list as a child. I never sat on the carpet, listening to my teacher tell a story and think, “Wow, that looks like a
cool job!”

20 years later, and I’m sure those little faces staring up at me aren’t thinking the same thing. It doesn’t mean they won’t become a teacher; it just means they have bigger dreams. Dreams of fast cars, big houses and celebrity status.

We reach a certain age and realise that we need a career, a life for ourselves. Our parents won’t be around forever after all. It’s not an easy decision but it’s one which will shape the rest of our lives.

Teaching is a noble, honest and crucially, vital, profession. It doesn’t matter where in the world you are, children need to be taught. Taught to read, write, count, add, subtract, divide, multiply; the list could go on forever. But it isn’t just these fundamental learning aspects. A teacher is a role model, a support mechanism, a parent and a friend. They are the person you spend 5 days a week with, the person who helps you to do your best and supports you to achieve your goals and ambitions.

It’s not fashionable but it’s worth it. To see ‘your’ children walk to and from their parents each day with a smile on their face is much more important than a big house and fast car. And to these kids, you are a celebrity!


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