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Centuries-old Defensive Moat And Fortification Wall Unearthed In Historic Jeddah

JEDDAH — Remains of a centuries-old defensive moat and fortification wall, which once encircled the city, were unearthed in the northern part of Historic Jeddah near Allegiance Square and east of Al-Kidwah Square.

This was announced by the Jeddah Historic District Program, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

The program released the results of the archaeological excavations carried out recently in Historic Jeddah as part of the first phase of the archaeology project. According to historical sources, Jeddah was a fortified city as early as the late 10th and early 11th century AD. However, laboratory analysis indicates that the mentioned discoveries belong to a later phase of the fortification system, as they were likely constructed around the 18th and 19th century.

By the middle of the 19th century AD, the moat had fallen out of use and was soon filled with sand. However, the fortification wall survived until 1947. Some parts of the moat’s retaining wall have remained intact up to three meters in height.

Archaeological excavations also unearthed 19th-century European imported ceramics, demonstrating Jeddah’s far-reaching trade connections. Moreover, a fragment of 9th-century pottery was discovered at Al-Qidwah Square, the latest archeological findings showed.


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